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Paleo Diet Trend Offers Opportunities

Paleo Diet Trend Offers Opportunities

Posted 14-08-2014 in Marketing Trends

Fad diets are as numerous as the poppy-seeds on a bun, and most loom in the consumer's mind just as large as the tiny black specks. Remember 2012's lemon-detox diet (10 days of ingesting nothing but lemons, water and detoxification packets) of a few years ago? Probably not--even though Beyonce was reportedly a fan, the practice quickly faded from the diet charts. Read More

Single Women Are An Overlooked $50B Goldmine

Single Women Are An Overlooked $50B Goldmine

Posted 12-08-2014 in Ways To Improve

"Sex and the City" got at least one thing right about single women: They have an impressive amount of disposable income, a fact that marketers should take to heart. And they have more than just Manolo Blahniks in their shopping bags: An estimated 31 million single women ages 27 and up spend $50 billion per year in the U.S. on food and beverages according to trend-watcher Phil Lempert. Read More