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Renewable Materials’ Impact On Climate Change

Renewable Materials’ Impact On Climate Change

Posted 26-09-2014 in Responsibility

This past week, in conjunction with the United Nations climate summit, business and government leaders met from around the globe. Their mission: answering the mounting need to address climate change. As noted in The New York Times, "Companies are playing a larger role than at any such gathering in the past." Recognizing the need to tackle addressing climate change can lead to economic advantages as well as environmental benefits. Read More

Shaking Things Up Is A Leader’s Duty

Shaking Things Up Is A Leader’s Duty

Posted 25-09-2014 in CEO Corner

Many credit Albert Einstein with the oft-quoted observation "Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results." Though it wasn’t his, it does the job, illustrating that the qualities we hold dear in business, such as growth, progress and innovation, require us to do something different—or simply put, change. So is the idea of a company CEO committing to shaking things up really so crazy? Read More