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09 August 2016

Why Paring Down Ingredients Attracts Consumers

Eliseo Barcas, Tetra Pak’s vice president of sales, explores the popularity of paring down ingredients, and shares tips for delivering packaged or preserved products to meet this demand in the article Why Paring down Ingredients Attracts Consumers featured on Food Dive.
08 August 2016

Why we Consider our Environmental Impact on Earth Overshoot Day

Today, Earth Overshoot Day, is a good day to think about our ecological footprint. It marks the day that we have collectively used as much from nature as Earth can renew in a year.

We see it as a day to renew our pledge to sustainability and environmental innovations that can have a positive impact on the planet we call home. Through our use of renewable packaging, we're preserving natural resources, lowering our carbon footprint and helping to mitigate climate change. Learn more about the role renewable materials have to play in our planet's future.      

27 July 2016

Forests and FSC: The Forest Sector as a Champion for Conservation

Forests cover 31 percent of the land area on our planet, house 80 percent of terrestrial biodiversity, and directly benefit 1.6 billion people who rely on them for food, fresh water, clothing, traditional medicine and shelter. Yet forests are being cleared at the rate of roughly 48 football fields every minute and it is estimated that 15 percent of all greenhouse gas emissions are the result of deforestation.
25 July 2016

Why The Store Shelf Still Matters To CPG Marketers

In the article Why The Store Shelf Still Matters To CPG Marketers featured on, Chris Gretchko, Tetra Pak’s vice president of marketing, discusses how CPG brands can seek to attract new customers and retain existing ones through package design. 
21 July 2016

Embracing Value from Natural Capital

In 2015, Tetra Pak's Moving to the Front initiative, a foremost educational initiative to address the impacts of resource scarcity on businesses, introduced the Learning Labs series of events and activities. The newly released Learning Labs report highlights findings from this initiative and is part of Tetra Pak's commitment to inform and inspire others to take action. 
20 July 2016

Consumer Habits and the Future of Milk

Ten years ago, when refrigerators in most American households contained a single gallon of milk, consumers’ dairy decisions were rather simple.

These days, however, there are many more choices. Modern consumers are increasingly stocking their fridges and pantries with a variety of dairy beverages, ranging from organic and lactose-free varieties to value-added and flavored milks.

As the dairy category expands, what does it mean for the future of milk?