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24 June 2016

The Evolving Ton and the Circular Economy

U.S. corporate sustainability professionals are increasingly turning their attention to identifying recycling solutions for their packaging at end of use. There is a growing realization of the importance of having an effective recycling system as critical to the successful transition to a circular economy – a goal shared by many companies and governments alike. 
20 June 2016

Circular Economy and Sustainable Materials Management

Circular economy? Sustainable materials management? What do these trending buzz words mean and who is involved in their use?  Are these really two separate concepts, or are they just different ways of describing the same thing? 
15 June 2016

How Dairy Brands can Reach Health-Conscious Millennials

Millennials (individuals born between 1982 and 2004) are a discerning group of consumers – foodies who care as much about health as they do about their meals. In fact, the majority (63%) see food and drink as a way to improve their health. As a result, millennials are reaching for healthy, on-the-go options that not only suit their busy lifestyles, but provide healthy dietary staples. 
Food Protection
19 May 2016

Food safety: Think ahead to prevent falling behind

Food recalls add up—costing businesses about $20 billion each year in the U.S. alone, points out the Wipro consultancy. Account for lost sales, potential health risks, exposure to litigation and damage to a company’s reputation, and it becomes clear that stepping up food safety is critical.
18 May 2016

Maximizing Profitability: A Unique Perspective in Asset Management

In part three of the Tetra Pak 'Insight to Asset Management' video series, Tetra Pak experts offer a unique perspective in the field of asset management to help manufacturers take control of their business and unlock greater value.
09 May 2016

Utilizing Asset Management to Improve Operations

In part two of the ‘Tetra Pak Insight to Asset Management’ video series, industry experts explain how to utilize asset management to improve operations, providing the framework to be competitive within the industry.