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Aftermarket Nissan VersaTiidaX-TrailXterra Multimedia player


* The Newest OEM Factory-style GPS Navigation Radio for Nissan Versa/Tiida/X-Trail/Xterra, etc

* Windows CE 6.0 Operation system.

* OSD languages: Multi-National Language supported--English, French, ltalian, Russian, Portuguese, Czech, Turkish, Spanish, German, Polish, Romania, Hungary, Slovakia

* Support saving contacts( name& phone no) locally in Bluetooth mode;

* This unit can also receive the name card information from mobile phone if yours supports to send name card,otherwise,this function is not available)

* Notebook & File Browser(MS Office files readable)

* Copying Files Between USB/SD and Headunit Local buitin Storage

* Support SDHC Card(Max. 32GB!)

* Skin Changeable: Cyan, Orange

* iPOD/iPhone control and Chargeable

* Support HDD Drive

* Support external Microphone connected(included) to boost voice quality when calling.

Key Features

* 6.2'TFT LCD touch screen, RGB color display,Digital monitor - Resolution:800*480

* Built-in GPS function, Voice guide

* Built-in Bluetooth with A2DP, HandFree set

* Built-in DVD Player, AM/FM Radio,RDS. iPod Ready

* SD card slot, USB Interface.

* Notebook & File Browser

* USB Jack,SD card slot

* Original factory panel design,original harness and plug compatibility

* Dual Zone Entertainment

* Original steer wheeling compatibility

* button light: orange

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Advantage Of 2 Post Automotive Lift Use

Automotive lifts are basically used for lifting a vehicle, most typically a car, elevated in the air so that you can be allowed to work underneath the car and repairs might be made. The most typical lifts available readily are floor jacks and car jack stands, but these need far more effort to be put while raising a automobile, and do not present the same comfort as the 2 post automotive lift. Also, the height and inclination given by common car jacks is minimal, and thus the 2 post automotive lift scores higher on this aspect as well. The 2 post lifts are much more superior versions of the common flooring jack, run with hydraulic power, and offer much better access to the underside of a brought up auto, thus allowing fixes in a smoother and swifter way. Deciding on the angle or inclination of a brought up auto in addition to the height is feasible with the 2 post lift, making it a favorite amidst mechanics and hobbyists alike. 2 post lifts secure the autos in addition to raising them to the required height, allowing a better grip and therefore quicker repair.

Decision of the 2 post lifts ought to be performed really carefully - the marketplace is full of inferior makers and weak makes - you do not really desire to do the job under a car elevated on a flimsy and unsteady elevate stand. A 2 post lift from a reliable manufacturer and tough make can be a little valuable, but the advantages and features are entirely worth the investment. Following are the features that most of 2 post automotive lift offer you:

Controllable ramp - The parking ramps are typically regulable for different auto dimensions - going for companies that offer you the possibility of choosing custom-devised overall measurements can work out in a far better manner, particularly for individuals who are acquiring the 2 post lift for personal usage.

Roof height - Ceiling height ranges offered is dependent upon the company which offers the lift, and one can choose the one according to the standard height of the automobiles which these folks own or appear for repairs much more often. The usage of a center roof brace is advisable, and one can also select the roof length of the 2 post lift according to the length of this brace.

Keeping space - Keeping space difficulties are typical in 2 post lifts - these cannot be folded or bent double, and these are tough to stow aside in a corner, as soon as mounted. Deciding on the location for installation of the 2 post lifts using careful consideration and scrutiny is advisable, so that storage space problems in the close future can be avoided. Do not retain the vehicle suspended on the 2 post lift for a prolonged time - doing so can affect the sturdiness of the posts eventually.

Ground Space - The area taken up by the 2 post automotive lift is bigger in contrast to the average flooring jack, but lesser than the 4 post lifts, since these possess solely 2 columns. Works best for garages where 4post lifts cannot fit in.

Liftsuperstore has the car elevate at the price you are desiring! Whether or not it is a 2 post lifts, 2 post automotive lift or 4 post elevate, automotive hydraulic lift or lifts for brakes we possess the suitable product at the proper price. Vehicle lifts are our passion and we have car hoists in capacities from 6,000 lbs. to 18,000 lbs. Check out us on

Automotive Air Conditioner Converter

A great automotive air con converter performs exactly the same as its counterpart inside your household or workplace. Its principal job should be to move hot oxygen and also humidity from an evaporator which lies inside the vehicle to a condenser located outside the automobile cabin by compressing fuel within the system.

Without having a properly functioning automotive air conditioner compressor, you won't get cool air from your car.

Air con compressors ended up pre fitted vehicles in the 1940s but in those days only the rich owns cars and trucks. Nowadays, it really is inexpensive and nearly most vehicles incorporates air conditioners.

The auto air conditioner compressor is essentially a pump having an inlet side and an outlet or discharge facet. Within the intake side, refrigerant gas is pulled through the output with the evaporator coils to inside the car air con compressor.

At this point the fuel is compressed and routed on the condenser along with the heat as well as humidity drawn on the car.

The choice of gas to become utilized

During the beginning of air con, the gases utilised within the process have been thought to be risky and several, including propane even had suggested risks of explosion. A gas termed as R-12, acknowledged by its trade name of Freon, has been established to trigger deterioration to the Earth's ozone atmosphere.

Therefore, technicians ought to be qualified to perform with it as well as acquire it as well as in all incidents when an air conditioner system is open, the gasoline has to be captured by means of specialized equipment.

Each time work is finished on a automobile air-con compressor it need to be carried out by a qualified specialist and in conditions when the substitute of converter is essential, a newer upgraded design may possibly be necessary.

In case the system is always to make use of the new ozone layer friendly fuel, it ought to also be replaced with a brand new car air conditioner compressor which could produce the greater pressure needed just for this gas.

Also particular machines are essential to catch the gas appearing out of the converter and thus support costs might gohigher.

Switching on the air conditioning equipment at a temperature less than 60 degrees could possibly truly hurt the compressor. This has to be kept in mind continually.

Uncover where to acquire bargain zone line air conditioners online. Learn more about air conditioning filters at my website.

An Introduction to Car Wrapping

Personalizing your automotive isn't a brand new idea, it's been around for years- for year's individuals have 'pimped' up their ride by adding body kits, custom spray jobs and personal registration plates- indeed the nice previous saying bumper sticker may well be thought of a type of personalization. What, however, has prevented it from changing into a widespread trend is that the presumption that it's pricey, an automotive for {several} individuals is associate degree improbably dearly-won purchase- why pass on for a paint job that you just can most likely wish to vary in several years' time anyway?

Several factors have light-emitting diode to the increasing want to personalize ones automotive, first of all, TV shows like Pimp My Ride supply associate degree insight into extreme car modification with several participants driving away with the custom spray job, six in automotive plasma screens associate degreed an in-car low maker- the works. Secondly, automotive makers like mini and enactment are currently giving consumers the select the finishing's to your automotive, permitting you to feature and take away options like checked roofing, racers stripes, and chrome particularization manufacturing an automotive distinctive to the models displayed within the panopticon.

Of course if you don't fancy buying a brand new automotive altogether there are many choices that are cheaper and non-permanent- providing you with the possibility to get rid of no matter personal bit you decide on to bring down on the poor vehicle before you sell it on. I'm in fact speaking concerning vehicle wraps. Vehicle wraps, historically used for business livery, is currently pronto out there to be used on personal vehicles. Its works by digitally printing your chosen image or style onto extremely conformable films that are then rigorously applied to the automotive, they will then be removed at a later date revealing your paintwork still in its original pristine condition. clearly this system remains wide used for business vehicles, and that I predict that their quality with personal automotive homeowners is about to increase; starting from tiny vinyl graphic styles to fully reworking your party into a pink palace on four wheels (if that is what you're into of course) automotive wrapping very is that the way forward for automotive personalization and vehicle graphics.

DTouchPrint Graphics design and create vehicle vinyl graphics for commercial and private clients Printing Services, Large Format Printing , Hoardings, Flyers Printing Dubai, Building Wraps Dubai.

Automotive Flags Are An Affordable Way To Market Your Event

You simply have to drive down the main street of your city or town where all the auto dealers are located to see how effective automotive flags are at snagging the attention of everyone passing by. Flags of every color, size, and shape, are flapping like crazy to advertise the release of new model cars, last year’s closeout specials, and all the previously used vehicles that the dealer has for sale. You will also see huge advertising balloons and automobile flags scattered around the car lot, each getting the attention of people passing by.

Automotive flags are probably the very best forms of advertising for car dealerships. First, they create quite a lot of attention with their motion and striking colors. Even when an individual is not looking for anything in particular, a moving object, like a flag, cannot help but bring attention. If you are able to get a customer’s business using this type of advertising, that's better still. A swooper flag does a fantastic job at gaining attention. They are typically 12 feet tall by 2 ½ feet wide, when installed on a curved three-piece pole. These swooper flags can be custom-made with the automotive dealers’ logo in bright colors. They dance, move, and flap to bring in attention. They are made with polyester material that's very resilient, and UV color-dyed to minimize fading caused by the sun.

Another popular area to put flags on a car dealership lot is close to the service center. All the available maintenance and car repair services, like the tires, brakes, oil changes, tinting, auto detailing and car wash are able to be printed on automobile service flags. These flags help remind the customers of what they may need performed on their car, or maybe give them an idea of the things they could do to fix up their car, when they drive past the flags. Feather flags are an excellent flag to put up, specifically around the service bay area, to inform customers about additional services like setting alignments or installing car alarms. Many flag companies print flags for domestic dealerships, and also for dealerships that sell foreign cars. Generally, these flags can be panel, horizontal or vertical flags that are stretched across and attached to lightpoles dispersed across the dealership lot.

However, automotive flags aren't just used for dealerships. Because they have been in existence for many years, people affiliate these flags with something related to cars. A lot of automotive events have used automobile flags to help advertise their event. In several cities, located across America, there are different types of car shows and auto events to advertise the event. You will frequently see vintage cars that have been refurbished, and displayed by their owners over a weekend event. Other events display muscle cars that are modified cars made for extra speed or power. These exhibits get excellent interest when they utilize automobile flags. Folks will see the flags, because of the movement of them, and then they might find the cars, and they will figure out that a car show is taking place, which will entice them to stop and check it out. Any, and all type of auto events, small or big, professional or amateur, can make fantastic use of these flags. This could include regional stock car racing, a school carwash, or even driver’s safety seminar.

It would be recommended to use these flags to successfully market your particular event, if you are selling automobiles, hosting a car show, or washing cars; these are great ways to promote your special event.
Choose nylon domestic, nylon import or bow automotive flags the moment you visit Make sure you visit The Cutting Edge Flag by visiting their web page which is

Automotive High-end Key Fobs for Nissan Cars

Automotive High-end Key Fobs for Nissan Cars

29th October 2012 Keyless remote entry systems are a good way to keep your vehicle safe from car thieves always. These systems feature key fobs that allow you to control the access to your vehicle from a distance. You can easily choose high-end key fobs for your Nissan car... Read >

Automotive Use Keyless Car Remotes for Ultimate Safety and Convenience

29th October 2012 Innovations in automobile technology have made it possible to easily control access to your car with the help of a keyless remote. This system helps in easily locking and unlocking the doors of your car and provides optimum security. Advanced keyless remo... Read >

Automotive Buy Keyless Remotes for your Car with a Click

08th October 2012 To increase the inbuilt security in cars automobile manufacturers have turned to new technology and now every vehicle has a key which is specifically made for it. This uniqueness of the key makes it difficult to be replicated and prevents copies of your c... Read >

Automotive Enhance your Car's Safety with Keyless Car Remotes

13th August 2012 Among the various safety devices that have been introduced for vehicles, the keyless car remotes are the safest and most handy device available in the markets these days. With their wide array of qualitative features, the keyless car remotes have become a... Read >

Automotive Advantages of Transponder Keys

01st August 2012 Keys play a vital role to control access to the vehicle and keep it safe from theft or damage. As car theft has become very common these days, it is better to take adequate care of your car to keep it secure. Transponder keys have come up a great medium t... Read >

Automotive Secure Your Cars with Smart Keys

19th December 2011 Instead of the mechanical locking system, today's cars use a hi-tech security system which is operated with smart keys. It can perform a number of functions by just pressing the buttons on the head of the key or key fob. Unlike traditional ones, these key... Read >

Automotive Technology Behind Remote Keyless Entry (RKE)

10th August 2011 Remote Keyless Entry (RKE) enhances the riding experience in term of both security and convenience. This technology acts on wave-based communication between two apparatus – a tiny chip and an electronic control module (ECM). Read on to be updated with thi... Read >

Automotive All You Need To Know About Remote Keyless Entry

29th July 2011 RKE (Remote Keyless Entry) technology is introduced in automobile sector to improve the level of comfort and security by several notches. This technology works through code-based communication, at fixed radio frequency. Read on to know all about this tech... Read >

Automotive Knowing Your Car Keys

24th November 2010 Do you know what is the difference between an ignition key, transponder key and switchblade key? This article would help you know all about the three variants. While chatting with your friends on the issue of cars, you might have come across terms like... Read >

Automotive Install Keyless Automatic Entry Devices in Your Car and House

07th July 2010 Keyless entry system is the locking and unlocking system for home and vehicles. Keyless locking system is controlled by remote. Installing a remote locking system in your home or vehicle door will reduce the dependence of traditional entry keys. With a... Read >

Automotive Internships Countless Jobs Opportunities

Internships in Automotive Industry are the only way for students to get their feet in the door in what is as very competitive industry. An internship is an immensely useful tool for a student to both earn money and gain valuable experience that will help when the time comes to get a real job. Paid Automotive Industry internships are the norm and it is relatively easy to find suitable opportunities. has a plethora of opportunities listed on its website. If you simply search google for Automotive Internships New York, or for Automotive Industry internships California countless opportunities will show up.

Automotive Industry Internship is an excellent learning experience and it is highly recommended that a college student perform at least one or two prior to applying for a full time Automotive Industry position. The Automotive Industry is extremely multi-faceted and there many different sub-fields so an internship give you the opportunity firstly to find out if the Automotive Industry is for you, and secondly to allow you the opportunity to see which part of the Automotive Industry is most suited to your interests and abilities, get more info at

Automotive Industry In The World

Be the Detroit branch of the Boston Consulting Group predicts that by 2014 is one third of global demand in the four BRIC markets (Brazil, Russia, India and China). Other potentially powerful car markets are Iran and Indonesia.

The automotive industry crisis from 2008-2010 was part of a global financial downturn. The crisis affected European and Asian car manufacturers, but it was particularly felt in the American auto industry. The slowdown also affected Canada because of the Automotive Products Trade Agreement.

The automotive industry has been weakened by a substantial increase in the price of fuel in the context of the energy crisis, the 2003-2008 purchases of sport utility vehicles (SUVs) and pickup trucks, the low fuel consumption are discouraged. The popularity and the relatively high profit margins of these vehicles had the American "Big Three" automakers, General Motors, Ford and Chrysler, so they encouraged her focus. Serve with less fuel-efficient models to consumers to, sales began to slip. By 2008 the situation was critical, since the credit crisis put pressure on the prices of raw materials.

Car companies from Asia, Europe, North America and elsewhere have implemented creative marketing strategies hesitate to consumers as the most experienced double-digit percentage revenue declines to attract. Major manufacturers, including the Big Three and Toyota offered substantial discounts on their inventories. The big three faced criticism for their statements, which are seen rising irresponsible, given the fuel prices. North American consumers turned to smaller, cheaper, more economical imported from Japan and Europe. However, many of the vehicles actually perceived to be foreign "transplants, " foreign cars manufactured or assembled in the United States to lower cost imports to be true.

The crisis in the United States is mainly defined by the government bailout of General Motors and Chrysler, while Ford secured a credit line in case they need a bridge loan in the near future. Car sales declined in the United States, both U.S. and foreign automakers. The bridge loans to more control of the U.S. auto industry also lead to criticism of its product range, product quality, high labor costs, wages, job bank programs and health and retirement benefits.

While the "Big Three" U.S. market share fell from 70% in 1998 to 53% in 2008, the worldwide volume rose in Asia and Europe. The U.S. auto industry has been profitable every year since 1955, except for those years of U.S. involvement in wars and recessions. U.S. car industry suffered profits 1971-73 during the Vietnam War, during the recession, fell in the late 1970s, which marked car industry is benefiting from 1981-83, during and after the Gulf War, when industry profits 1991-93, and during the Iraq War of 2001-03 and 2006-09. occur in these periods, the company, a lot of old debts.

Against financial losses, the Big Three have many factories shut down and drastically reduced employment. GM spun off many of the employees in certain areas into independent companies, including American Axle, Delphi 1994 and 1999th Ford turned Visteon in 2000. The spin-offs and other parts makers have shared Detroit's declines, as well as the U.S. plants in Canada. Overall, the parts makers employ 416 000 people in the U.S. and Canada. General Motors alone is estimated to lose 51000000000 $ in the three years before the financial crisis had started in 2008.

4 Things You Can Do with a Totaled Car

When a car is totaled, there are many things that you can do with it, even if the word "totaled" makes you think it is done for. True, you may not want to drive the vehicle anymore, but that does not mean you are out of options. After all, there are plenty of junk yards in Florida willing to take your vehicle. But that is just one of many options before you. These are your top 4 choices: -The option most people take is simply accepting money from the insurance company. When a car is totaled, the insurance company will offer to send you a check for the cash value of the vehicle. However, many people feel that insurance companies offer the lowest possible price for damaged cars.

You can also choose to keep your car and fix it. However, you should know that when a car is "totaled," that doesn't necessarily mean it is inoperable. It actually means that the estimated cost of repairs exceeds the estimated value of the vehicle. You can expect to pay all of this and more if you are responsible for the damage to the car and have to pay an insurance deductible. -You can also keep your car without performing repairs, or by simply performing the most essential services. This often means driving a car with cosmetic damage such as a cracked windshield. Many people who choose this option are not offered a replacement vehicle or rental car by their insurance after a serious accident.

You also have the option to sell your totaled vehicle to a salvage yard. Junk yards in Florida purchase vehicles in any condition and will sell their parts on their property. Salvage shoppers can then come claim whatever parts they need. And they will tell you: People buy all kinds of parts, even from totaled vehicles! This may be most financially-savvy option for you, especially because some salvage yards will even tow the vehicle for you so that you are not responsible for transporting it.

Automotive Manufacturing And Network Marketing Idea

Automobile industries have also grown-up to greater heights. Due to increasing competition among the competitors they are also in search of many alternative methods in order to withstand in this business field. Several vehicle companies are also coming up with the idea of using network marketing technique in order to show off up the sales. This is made possible in several companies dealing with the manufacture and sales of various modifying parts for vehicle. These companies are coming up with the purpose of selling many parts to the low cost cars and as a upshot the buyer will be able to modify their existing car with the set parts in order to get the rich look.

Network marketing is making this possible with the help of partner programs in a firm. The main part of the sales is carried out by a lot of independent sales representatives working on behalf of the firm. These firms will be having dealership with many automotive manufacturing companies like Tein, HKS, Cobb, CNT racing, Weapon R, Drag wheels and so on. The representatives will be able to earn some amount as commission based on the number of sales conducted by them. All the network marketing features including the appointment of down lines are incorporated with the automotive sector. This will help the customers in getting a satisfaction on using the latest technology on their cars in spite of the fact that the cars are old. The parts frequently sold by this automotive sector includes air intake, down pipe, header, brake pad, brake rotors, engine, clutch, radiator, fuel, turbo charger and so on.

This in a way is helping you to obtain all the comforts that can be got while traveling in a luxury car without compromising large amount. Most of these cars are used while traveling long distant routes in order to increase the comfort and also to improve the fuel efficiency. This in a way is done to increase the mileage value of the car. Also people are concerned in modifying the existing cars in order to get a sport look. It is a ordinary fact known to all that the price involved in buying brand new sport cars is so high. This mode in a way is serving people. You can find many online companies who are involved in this segment of automotive industry. Internet is the best place to make sure for the best deals.

Yusnida Ms is freelancer writer who writes some information about automotive and online marketing tips. Get other reviews from her here for