An Arborist Helped Us with Our Tree Landscaping

My wife and I bought a house nearly six years ago. We wanted out of the city so we jumped on it when we found a nice ranch home on a rural piece of property about ten miles outside the city. The house sits on three acres of land, and our closest neighbor is about a quarter of a mile away. This is the perfect setting to raise our four sons and two daughters. The one thing my wife did not like about the property was it had no trees, but we knew we could hire an Asheville arborist to help us with that.

We could have went to a nursery ourselves and purchased some smaller trees and planted them ourselves. The only problem with that is we had no idea which trees would thrive, the proper way to plant them, and even where to plant them on the property. We wanted to have trees, but the actual planting would have to be done by a professional. We looked for an arborist in the area, not knowing how far out of the region we would have to go to find the one we wanted to use.

Thankfully, our search was over quickly because we found one that is not too far from us. The arborist came out and looked at our property and asked us a bunch of questions. He was able to tell the types of trees we wanted to have as well as the price range we were willing to pay, and from that he showed us a design of what he would like to do. We would have trees in both the front and back yards, and there would be trees lining the driveway too on both sides. Because we wanted to have quick growth, the trees all look beautiful now that we have been here a while. It is definitely the finishing touch we needed for our property.