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Small in size yet extremely notable, lapel pins are pins worn on clothing. Usually worn on the jackets as well as hats, ornamental, but can also represent wearer's affiliation with a cause or an organization. Lapel pins have been used for many years by now, but there was a time when boutonnieres were worn instead of lapel pins. If we talk about the People's Republic of China and the USSR, were worn by young people as well as Communist party members. Also, these were worn by people who felt the need to exhibit their official political credo.

Vastly used as symbols of achievements and belonging in distinctive organizations, lapel pins are collected by members as well as non-members. When it comes to business, utilized to designate membership along with the achievements. One of the most prominent ways to provide employee recognition, lalso awarded to employees to boost their morale, productivity as well as employee engagement. Over the years, the popularity of lapel pins has increased so much that people have started collecting them. Apart from their unique size, it is the design of lapel pins that gains attracts the maximum amount of attention. Available in different embellishment types such as pin on pin, dangler pin, bobble pin, flocking, slider pin and many more, widely sought after among people of all ages. Owing to the immense popularity , manufacturers have started to produce lapel pins in a varied range of designs to cater to the specific requirements of people. Quite simple to manufacture, can be made with the help of processes like stamping molding, outlines cutting, attachment, plating, polishing, coloring, cleaning, baking, and epoxy coating. It is because of their look and value that lapel pins have become a major demand in fields like consumer promotions, identification, awards, conventions, event marketing, fundraising, team building, trade shows, graduation, novelty, anniversaries, employee recognition, member gifts, etc.

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