Car Smoke Screen Deterrants for Tailing Drivers

Have you ever been terrorized on the road by vehicle following you too close? Have you ever been forced to drive faster out of fear of being rear ended? If you answered yes to any of these questions than you have been the victim of tailing and know all too well the importance of tailing motorist management. Like most jobs tailing motorist management needs tools and Car Smoke Screen Kits are here meet those needs. If you have been a regular motorist for even the short time period than you probably have already encountered tailing more than once and that the last guy who tailed you probably wont be the next guy striking fear for your rear into the front of your mind. With that in mind there is a solution that will make the creep that tailed you never forget you.

Tailing motorists are bullies and like most bullies they are not used to people fighting back. When the bullied fight back they typically force their tormentor into a cowardly retreat. A Car Smoke Screen Kit can help you do just that by turning your exhaust system into a smoke stack at the touch of a button that despite being for off road use only in less useful on the road. One blast from your tail pipe and that creep tailing you will want to stay as far back from you as he can. You may even get lucky enough to become the torturer of your former tormentor if you find yourself in urban gridlock where you can unleash the full wrath of your tail pipe while praying to god for a long light.

Car Smoke Screen Kits are the ultimate empowerment tool for aggressive driving victims to take their commutes back with authority. The only better deterrent than making tailing motorist wonder "what if they have one of those things that filled my car full of smoke?" would be a Car Tear Gas Kit.

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