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Internships in Automotive Industry are the only way for students to get their feet in the door in what is as very competitive industry. An internship is an immensely useful tool for a student to both earn money and gain valuable experience that will help when the time comes to get a real job. Paid Automotive Industry internships are the norm and it is relatively easy to find suitable opportunities. has a plethora of opportunities listed on its website. If you simply search google for Automotive Internships New York, or for Automotive Industry internships California countless opportunities will show up.

Automotive Industry Internship is an excellent learning experience and it is highly recommended that a college student perform at least one or two prior to applying for a full time Automotive Industry position. The Automotive Industry is extremely multi-faceted and there many different sub-fields so an internship give you the opportunity firstly to find out if the Automotive Industry is for you, and secondly to allow you the opportunity to see which part of the Automotive Industry is most suited to your interests and abilities, get more info at